May 29, 2007

"It's very difficult to keep the line between the past and the present. You know what I mean? It's awfully difficult."

Last night I had a dream that I was in Grey Gardens, the house, that is, not the film. The details are a bit hazy, but I was there with Michael and a group of young college age people. They were preparing to put on a production of the new musical there at Grey Gardens itself. We were in the kitchen, where Tom Logan apparently died, and it was haunted. It wasn't nearly as spooky as it sounds however.

There was a traffic light on the floor that lit up green, red or yellow depending upon whether a ghost was nearby. Red was the signal for there being a ghost. The light would go from green to yellow to red periodically.
Michael and I were watching the students busily bringing in props, while we recited scenes from the movie.

Anyway, maybe what was in my mind was this. Michael had sent me a snippet of a book he's reading by Lois, the friend of the Edies:

Page 6
Thursday May 8, 1975

I started the water boiling for coffee on the little gas stove that Little Edie wouldn't use, and took a couple of slices of bread out of the metal box as nothing could be left out. Above all, the bar soap had to be kept ina a can with a tight lid. Someting in the house adored soap, and if I left the room for only a few minutes, it would disappear. Some kind of animal intended to keep clean, it would seem. Or, one of the real ghosts of Grey Gardens delighted in removing the Ivory Soap bar. Big Edie told me that Tom Logan liked scissors and would usually take them, later returning the scissors to another room. Poor Tom died in the kitchen in 1964 and I attended his burial with Little Edie on a cold winter day. We were the only ones there except for Reverend Davis. Anyway, I knew Little Edie liked scissors also, so I tried to keep them "under cover" in my room.

The other day he also sent me a wonderful link showing pages from an old Movieland tabloid, from the 70's I believe, of Lee Radizwill's and Jackie's intervention in the Edies' lives.
I love also how Big Edie is descibed as "the original hippy."

I also love the way Little Edie manages to pose in every frame. Check out the before and after. Of course within a few years the house was back to its former racoon infested glory and the Maysles showed up to document it.

The whole tabloid story here

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Silly Monkey said...

Are you sure that was a DREAM, Jason? It sounds pretty reasonable to me. You, Michael, Grey Gardens, Ghost traffic lights. ;)