Sep 5, 2006

The Good Life

I am so excited! I unearthed a long missing part of my childhood the other night.

A million years ago, when I was a kid, I used to hole myself up in my room and watch the Britcoms shown on PBS every weekend. It was a delightful window into another, but familiar, world...separated by space, but also time, since most of them were a decade or so delayed. One of my favorites was The Good Life

It was about a young couple who give up the rat race and start a farm, in suburban London, much to the horror of their neighbors. It first aired in the early 70's and was very much a last gasp of hippiedom.

The best part of the show, however, was watching the snooty bitch queen played by Penelope Keith, always seemingly in a chiffon caftan, sneering at the livestock of her cute neighbors. Penelope went on to another Britcom, "To the Manor Born" in the early '80s but it was never as good.

Anyway, I stumbled upon a website devoted to the show, which is very old and out of date...(1996 or so)...but still very welcome. I often wondered if I was the only
(American at least) fan, but it seems I'm not.
This might prompt me to even get a dvd player...who knows!


Silly Monkey said...

I've never heard of "The Good Life" but it sounds like "Green Acres." ;)

I used to love "Prisoner, Cell Block H," an Australian show that was shown on PBS, and like "The Good Life," it was probably a decade behind its original run date.

It was a show about women in prison. I don't remember what was good about it, but I remember a lot of the character's names. And I remember it being addictive.

Breezy said...

My favorite on Saturday nights, in the late 80's, right after Golden Girls and Empty Nest was "Are You Being Served?" I own only own one season.