Sep 25, 2006

the bayou

After work today, I decided to go again for a walk in my (fairly new) neighborhood. It's just beautiful today, so, despite the pain in my feet, I figured I'd take a walk. I was not alone. All along the bayou were people walking dogs, a few boats in the water.


I particularly love the view from the bridge near my apartment (above).
If one walks about a hundred feet down, however, you can get an equally pretty picture of the skyline of downtown New Orleans rising over the water, with a line of old houses in the foreground. It's especially pretty at night.

I'm beginning to like my new neighborhood. It's not where I wanted to be. It seems so far from everything (namely uptown), but I'm beginning to think that that's not such a bad thing. It's like a whole undiscovered little world up here.

I've been here before of course, many times...but it's not until you're out and about on foot that you really start to see things.


Michael said...

I LOVE your new neighborhood. It is as picturesque as a postcard. Glad we got to hang out this weekend.

Silly Monkey said...

Do you live near Vincent? It looks like his area.

Michael's comment explains where you disappeared to this weekend. We missed you at Movie night. We played Moods afterwards. I know how much you love that game. ;)

Was Michael in town?

jason said...

He was...
It's closer to the restaurant that we all went to the other night, on Carrollton, you know.

My computer's been broke...still is I I didn't even know about it.
Moods eh?

Silly Monkey said...

"Moods eh? :)"

That was "sarcasm." ;o

Are you using the school's computer? What's wrong with yours?

jason said...

See, I'm getting better, aren't I? :)
Computers at school? Indeed
(sarcasm btw).
I wish we had chalk.
No, my own computer is back up and (sorta) running.