Sep 17, 2006

the mystery of the disappearing cute boy with kitten

A while back, I posted about a guy who had responded to an ad of mine.
He's a decorator, cute, with an even cuter cat
The last I heard of him was after his suggestion that we meet. In the interim
I finally got a phone line, and I gave him my number. I called him a day or so later and left a message. I emailed him with my number too, just to be sure he got it.
Of course, I haven't heard anything from him still.
Not sure what to make of that, but I can't say that it's never happened before.
Anyway, I'd have liked to have met him...and maybe he might contact me still, right?....despite my fear.

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Silly Monkey said...

I kept meaning to ask you about him. What a shame! Well, you did what you could. It's up to him now. I'll keep my fingers crossed. You never know.

I'd run away, too, if someone named ME Betty. ;o