Sep 30, 2006

Frances, the website.

I happened upon this site from a journal which I read every now and then.

Posted there was a clip from Frances's webjournal, chronicalling her dazzling life as a high priced transexual call "girl" in London.

I must say, it's something else.

Let's just start with the charming conceit of a call girl named "Frances" and go from there....I mean really...

Prepare yourself to be charmed:


Frances's weblog


Breezy said...


Silly Monkey said...

Oh, baby! When's the next flight to London?

I particularly like the photo of her in the stable with the English riding outfit and crop. It brings out my "Nanny 911" fantasy. ;o

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're enjoying my Blog. With a bit of luck '100 Blogs of a London Transsexual Escort' will be out in the New Year. Ideal for reading on the loo for 3 minutes, (the average time spent on the pan) as you can just dip in and out of it; the book that is, not the loo! Wishing you all a restful/playful weekend.

Be kind to youself