May 9, 2006

So Notorious I Can't Get a Date.

I've been watching a lot of Vh1 as you can see.

I never watched Beverly Hills 90210, I'm sorry (proud?) to say, but I've always kind of liked Tori Spelling actually. I don't know why. I'm sure I shouldn't.

I remember one night years ago at a friend's house watching "The House of Yes," only after what seemed to me an unnecessarily long apology from the hostess about Miss Spelling's appearance in the movie. I didn't understand the giggling and apologizing about poor Tori's acting then. I still don't.
I mean, I liked her. But then what do I know?

I like her new show too, "So Notorious." Yes,it's a bit self conscious, but what show isn't nowadays? And I like that it seems to be getting funnier with each episode.
I especially like Ruthie, her agent.

Another show I've found (also on VH1) is "Can't Get a Date." I really like the format, especially the comforting, yet brutally honest omniscient voice of the "Narrator."

It's like God is giving dating advice (and sometimes I wish He just would, you know?)


Breezy said...

I watch Tori's show too. It's not that bad. I never liked her as Donna Martin. I rediscovered her when she was in TRICK.

Anonymous said...

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