May 3, 2006

"a query once left to go quiet"

In a fit of insanity, I spent money on a membership several weeks ago. Don't ask me why. I'm pathetic? I'm an optimist? I'm a masochist? All of the above?
I don't know.
Embarassingly, it's not the first time I've wasted money and time on this sort of thing, and, of course, it's never worked.

Anyway, the stagnant pool of available men in this town grew by one the other day. While browsing around aimlessly one night, I happened upon an ad that, although pictureless, was actually well written. Pretty hard to believe.
So, excitedly, I sent an email with these words:

wow....I have to say, yours is the most well written ad here. Just thought you should know that. I really enjoyed reading your ad. I'm a fan of.........too......
(insert general banter here)

A week goes by with no response, but I notice that he has at least looked at my profile ( has an addictive feature that allows this).
And night before last I notice that he and I are online at the same time. Against my better judgement, I send him a "wink" (another feature of the service)....all meant in good nature.

Finally I get a response from him. It seems he did get my first email. He simply ignored it:
>I see you have succumbed to the temptation which sometimes overtakes me, which is >to wink
>after an email, or email after a wink, hopeful that a query once left to go quiet >will, upon repitition, arrive at a happier result.
>Thank you for perseverance and for appreciating writing. I love writing.
>I don't know that wé're a match to date, however. But thank you.

Ah...well....touche, I guess.
I mean what does one say to that?
I was pretty mortified. Of course he's right, it's pretty sad, my shamelessness.

Now, added to the literally countless (I honestly can't count them all) such rejections I've endured over the past, say, 10 years, this one is pretty tame...very tame actually.
In fact, I've been ignored, dropped, stood up, and
told point blank that I'm not "attractive enough" or young enough
(from, by the way, someone older than I am)...and that's just in the past few months or so.

But still, no matter how polite, it stings...especially when it is polite....and well written, for some reason.
Somehow that makes it worse, though I'm not sure why.


Breezy said...

What a jackass, Jason. Ugh! Men are scum!

Neil said...

polite? i dunno, sounds pompous as hell to me.

Julie said...

Screw him. You don't want to date someone who can't spell "repitition" anyway.

Anonymous said...

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