May 17, 2006


Today I was reminded of two random things that I'd all but forgotten about.
One is Michel'le. Does anyone else remember her? This afternoon I heard "No More Lies" on the radio and was transported back to the early 90's...not altogether a bad thing.
VH1's page on Michel'le

My favorite Michel'le song however, has to be "Nicety." She gives full range to her vocal...ummm...powers there. Somewhere lost in the flood was a cassette version of that, the extended remix, no less!

Random thing number two is Spree, the candy I mean.

I found a treasure trove of them at Dollar Tree. I was on the way to Dollar Tree when I heard Michel'le in fact. They are like candy coated sweet tarts, what's not to love about that? I bought 4 boxes and feel a binge coming on. Too bad I don't have that cassette.


Anonymous said...

oh my gawd! i lurve spree and also the sweet tarts that come out during easter. it has ducks, chicks and rabbits. i only like those sweet tarts so i biy several bags every easter and only eat one or two a day.

jason said...

"One or two" bags I hope you mean, right? :)

Breezy said...

I love me some Michel'le! I have the chorus in my head now of "No More Lies". She has a unique Helium-based voice. Her song came out at the same time as that chick with the nose ring with the chain attached to it...Jane somebody who's name I can't remember. Do you?

jason said...

Jane Child?
A Canadian, no less!
Speaking of which, do you know I saw a woman who looked like her sometime in the quarter....a few months ago. Can you believe?

Breezy said...

Yes, Jane Child. I couldn't remember her last name.

Did she still have the nose ring with a chain attached?

Anonymous said...

Hallo I absolutely adore your site. You have beautiful graphics I have ever seen.