Apr 6, 2015

Just. Wrong.

(recently seen items that actually exist)
Bible Origami: in case your regular origami is a tad too Satanic
Electric Gravy Boat Warmer: for the countless times you've wished you had an electric gravy boat warmer
Dog Hair: for "the fashion conscious hound"
Mexican gnomes: for the multicultural lawn display

Fair and Handsome skin lightener: for that big job interview

Cotton Candy Yogurt: like a circus.... of yogurt!
Guy Fieri Chip Clips: to shut this stupid douche's fat mouth up clip your chips!
Velveeta Ranch Salad Dressing: to accurately simulate vomit in cute practical jokes

Lawn Jockey: to decorate your lawn after you've used Fair and Handsome


normadesmond said...

honey, my gravy boat's always 98.6.

Raina Cox said...

My origami is only a little slutty, so I'm good.

Riley said...

Jesus I just spent the last two hours laughing my way through two years of your blog (that vagina sofa did me in). I'm coming back for more. Thanks :)

Jon said...

But can you make a Mexican garden ornament out of folded Bible pages, dog hair and Velveeta? That is the question. Jx

jason said...

Well, welcome Riley!
It's great to meet you, so to speak.

Jon: You can indeed. And the gravy boat would make a lovely bird bath.

Diane said...

Once again I say: we MUST go shopping together!