Apr 15, 2015

Still Life

Bible on Urinal

(seen tonight @TGIFridays) 

Hmmm...call me old fashioned, but I'm not sure I appreciate this.



normadesmond said...

i am at the age where i need
constant assurance so that i can pee.

Jon said...

It looks like it would drop ever so easily into the flow. Jx

mrpeenee said...

I don't appreciate it either. If I'm going to pee, I don't need help from anybody, thank you very much.

ayeM8y said...

The Bible and Christians really have sunk to a new level. It's almost code for being a hate filled former drug addicted bigot. I was rude the other day to the nice Jehovah ladies that stop by often. I actually apologized. Not those kinds of Christians but the tea baggy ones that no longer push drugs but now push Jesus. Like it's the first time I ever heard of him. I was in Sunday school, Training Union and Wednesday night services every week until I turned 18. I was out of college before the latest pushing Jesus convert even picked up their first crack pipe. Now they realize their anti-gay hatred is so visible no one wants to hear from them, that they have to slink around and place pocket Bibles on public restroom urinals.

What happened to sweet old Baptist ladies?