Apr 29, 2015

Look up!

So Monday it was all raining boxcars down here,


but this afternoon I look up and see this:

It's like a Christmas miracle, y'all!


savannah said...

ain't you the lucky one, honey! ;) xoxoxo

Raina Cox said...

That video scared the bejeesus out of me.

ayeM8y said...

That was a really horrible storm!

It worked its way from there to here. One minute it was bright and sunny the next, garbage cans were floating down the street.

I couldn't believe the boxcar footage, and those poor people that perished in the boating regatta in Mobile.

Mother Nature don't mess around no more.

normadesmond said...

train stations are so yesterday.
i'll take a train that comes to me any day.

Diane said...

For lack of more eloquence, holy shit!