Feb 8, 2015

"...laced with touch of the South"

The other day while browsing our local Dollar Tree, I happened upon this sight....just to the right of the rubbing alcohol and left of the plastic hand grenades

What do I see? Why It's a book by  none other than
"New York Times Bestselling Author" Wynonna Judd
(Yes, you did read that right.)
Opening it, I was assailed by her menacing author's photo.  She dares me to put it back, so I don't.  
I let the pages fall open to read this line of fine literature:    "'Hello, Destiny Hart,' he said in a whiskey -smooth voice laced with a touch of the South."

I mean now really, poor old Harper Lee can clearly forget about her little "comeback" now, right?  Here is Southern Literature at its finest right here.


Jon said...

Oh! She's obviously learned her craft from the literary greats - Danielle Steel, Nora Roberts, Harold Robbins, that kind of thing. Jx

Raina Cox said...

"Today her jeans were eye-popping pink with bright yellow piping" - Totally ghost written by a straight dude who had to ask his sister what the "tubes" running down the sides of her pants were called.

ayeM8y said...

You paid a whole dollar?

I'm sure it's worth every cent.

Diane said...

Oh. My.