Dec 29, 2014

meet my new friends

Once upon a time I had some fish.
I had a black molly and a white one.
So I named them Othello and Desdemona.
That was a bad idea.
Othello ate Desdemona.
But that was ten years ago.
Things will be different now, right?

My new little fish are much humbler sort...and less aggressive.

I like to think they're in love.

Now they need names. Thus far, here are some of my ideas:

a.Abelard and Heloise
b.Paolo and Francesca
c.Kim and Kanye
d.Tristan und Isolde
e.Liz and Dick


ayeM8y said...

I tend toward the traditional names,

Lakeesha and D'Quon come to mind.

Years ago my mother would visit a lesbian shut in couple at the holidays. Their names were Clydie and Claude.

There's always Jack'n Jill but Kim and Kanye has a sad ring to it. Like when you have to flush them down the toilet and say so long Kim, so long Kanye...

Jon said...

Mel & Kim?
Victoria & David?
Noel & Gertie?

The possibilities are endless. Jx

normadesmond said...

no surprise that i say liz & dick, right?

JeffinChicago said...

Maybe something related to fish, like Stick and Swedish (Fish Stick & Swedish Fish candy) or Chips and Stew (Fish & Chips, Fish Stew). Or perhaps Lillain Fish (instead of Gish)and Cat (Fish)?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

Goldie & Horn?

Martin & Ellen (Brody, that is)?

Diane said...

Liz and Dick, no question!

Princess said...

If they turn out to be like my recently departed i'd go for "Flush 1" and Flush 2"