Jun 14, 2014

father's day eve

How am I spending this Saturday night you ask?
(So just pretend you did, ok?)

Why baking an apple pie (for my father)  

and watching  a documentary on Peter Berlin.

as always, John Waters has the best line about him: "It was like Dinah Shore with a hard on!"


Jon said...

And that, of course, would be the first - ahem! - documentary you've watched featuring Mr Berlin? Jx

jason said...

It is, in fact!
I knew next to nothing about him....except his crotch of course.

mistress maddie said...

Oh yes that crotch, allllllllll that crotch. I will have to see that.

normadesmond said...

guess we know who your daddy is.

MJ said...

Will you look at the basket on THAT!