Sep 1, 2013

southern decay are a few random photos from my brief trip into the center of the sun to the SD
 parade today.

This year, without hurricane!
(but sweet jesus on a cracker it was hot.)

the southern belle's best summer accessories, parasol, bonnet and fan.
Her dildo parasol was a lovely touch.

God bless America
Cute boy with a contingent of the Army of Mrs. Ropers
muu muu's are always appropriate

School is IN session
tampon man is on the job
Just a reminder: No one can do drag better than straight white women.  NO one.

Cute goat with his cute boy.

Attempts at topicality


they had the cheer routine down pat. Beautiful

Note caption...and cane


mrpeenee said...

I'm sorry to miss the parade, but happy to miss out on the stinky hot weather.

MJ said...

I was planning to come down for SD 2005 but my plans were cancelled and luckily so, as that's when Katrina came to town.

Ur-spo said...

the man with the goat is up to no good.

Rhiannon said...

Inspiration! Like you said, no one is more thoroughly indoctrinated in gender as performance quite as thoroughly a bona fide deb ball having, Southern sorority pledging, Colonial Dames-belonging (Nice Ladies don't join the DAR since they refused to let Marian Anderson sing at Constitution Hall) White Lady. But even with my decades of training and living in a country where I can refuse to leave the house without a parasol and fan and not be side-eyed, I never would have thought to accessorize with a dildo...or a goat for that matter.