Apr 17, 2013

What I'm reading

This is the pile of reading material next to my bed currently.
Classy, huh?


Anyway, just because I'm cruel, here are three things you never really wanted to know:

From the super tacky, picture heavy Jackie Handbook (courtesy of the public library):
"Jackie and Ari were physically passionate at the start of their marriage, and Onassis used to boast openly about their sex life."
From the very boring OK Magazine (brought back by John from Merry Olde):
"Kate, who is pregnant with her first child, arrived at the gallery at 9 a.m. looking still slender in a burgundy Whistles dress that she has worn in public several times before."

From the completely fascinating smutfest   exposé,  Full Service 
(also courtesy of the public library):

"There was an extremely goodlooking, well groomed fellow who loved to take it in the 'back door', meaning, of course, that he was the passive partner, or the bottom, in anal intercourse. Edward (the Duke of Windsor) was particularly fond of giving it to him that way while........"
(ok, so never mind)


Raina Cox said...

The Amazon reviews along other lines of "That couldn't possibly true!" are cracking me up.

Why, yes, your beloved icons only did it with their spouses missionary with the lights out.

Anonymous said...

wow, your library has a curious collection.

And I know you didn't know this, but I'll tell you, I worked at the public library during high school, shelving books after school and in the summers. Dream job.

Muscato said...

Nothing on earth will ever convince me that Wallis wasn't the top in that relationship...

normadesmond said...

do you believe scott?
i'm still on the fence.

normadesmond said...


designing wally said...

You make the public library seem like the hot-bed of vice that it is! I can just see you there.

MJ said...

Be glad you don't have the Canadian edition of Hello.