Apr 30, 2013

New New Orleans News

These two news stories making the national news today seem to best encapsulate my charming hometown:

The Al Copeland Fried Chicken Memorial

"According to the Times-Picayune, the family's original proposal stated that the statue would be life-sized. It would feature Copeland holding a box of Popeyes Chicken. And a checkered racing flag. He would be standing in front of a speedboat. On top of a wishing well. On top of a pedestal. Surrounded by columns arranged in the style of an ancient Roman plaza."

"Lafreniere Park Advisory Board Chairman Ginger Crawford described the overall effect, captured by a concept artist in the illustration above (larger here), as “almost a Roman forum-type setting.” Imagine: Christians fighting lions for a piece of golden Popeyes chicken, marinated in Louisiana seasonings, then breaded in Popeyes uniquely Southern crispy coating. (Also, a speedboat.) For reasons unknown, the Lafreniere Park Board felt that the decadence and glamor of ancient Rome (plus speedboat) was “not in keeping with being complementary to the park and its master plan.”


This guy in Faubourg Marigny who *should* have a memorial built to him.


Raina Cox said...

Both awesome on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

That man has BALLS the size of watermelons.

And the guy who fought off the mugger is pretty good too!

mrpeenee said...

I want to go hang out with the Faubourg guy