Jun 16, 2012

Let's take a trip to Big Lots...

on a Friday afternoon, where you will always be the youngest person there by twenty years...no matter how old you are.
Oh, ma'am....I'd advise you to steer clear of the giant beans if I were you.

uh oh, too late.
Why yes, it *is* a cauliflower sheep. You know you've always wanted one.
A pouch for your "Swim Trunk's" Why you would need a pouch for your "Swim Trunk" and what your swim trunk might possess, I'm not sure, however.
Roasted pepper spread from Bulgaria? We got it.

Gay black boy dolls? We got that too. Take that Ken. This is Darren, from Barbie's "S.I.S." collection. I'm not even making this up.
A first grade English workbook in the book section. 
Let's see if I can do this: Appolonia, Barbie, Chase... Wait, where's Vanity? Did she get expelled again?


mrpeenee said...

I'd have my whole cart filled up before I even got to the adult diaper section. That's where all the action is, you know.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

You know that they are HQ'd here in Columbus.

Now if you want a REAL shopping Expirience, then you have to go to Gabriele Brothers (Gabes). They have good stuff, CHEAP.

jason said...

oh wow, cookie...now you have me wanting to book a flight to Columbus.

mistress maddie said...

I always enjoy these little tours you take us on. And where else can one find such fine home decor, like cauliflower sheep???

savannah said...

appolonia? was someone watching the godfather while designing that workbook? wtf happened to the easy names, like ann? *grabbing my bag and car keys and going over to big lots* xoxoxoxo

savannah said...

*sweet jesus* when the hell did i turn into such an old lady???? *sigh*

normadesmond said...

i just love it here.