Feb 4, 2012


Found this in the men's bathroom of the public library and promptly returned it to the shelves, but not before being amazed. I have no idea who took such profound reading there, but the homeless man who's ingrained the chair near the window with his b.o. is my guess. Can't wait for his book on Zsa Zsa to come out.
This reads like modernist poetry
"My story is a true story and not a 'hear so' and since Eva is not around that is the reason that I am sharing a few  handrwritten letters and messages...."


Muscato said...

Well, someone in Collection Development at your library certainly has a festive turn of mind, no?

Nice to know that they're not concetrating entirely on dry academic tomes...

(did you get any insight into the source of her electronic harassment? I'm suspecting Prinz von A-hole, but he's always my go-to cad...)

tamayn said...

What exactly are the Gabor sisters famous for?

normadesmond said...

gee, and i merely have "gaborabilia" in my loo.

normadesmond said...

i've become momentarily obsessed with this book.

it's not cheap to buy and maybe impossible to read.
where am i?