Feb 24, 2012

Mardi Gras

I had a relatively tame Mardi gras. We were napping by 1 pm in fact.

The morning was spent at John's place, where he hosted his annual always fabulous pre-parade breakfast. There were czars, blackamoors, queens, mayan priestesses, go go boys, lost children, lesbians, found children, kings, queens, human tombs, dogs, and more queens.

Anyway, here are a few random pictures from the day. Get yourself drunk and pretend you're there!

from the kitchen window

  The Human Tomb arrives

The human tomb, with go go boys

Dog... in gym shorts (or maybe a donkey, not sure)
The back yard
The front yard
Bizarre old New Orleanian delicacy, "Russian Cake" or "Creole Trifle"  Stale cake and jam,  pressed into a mold and weighed down by bricks...then soaked in lots of rum.

After the party, it was off to the St. Anne parade....a meandering, claustrophobic crowd of people in costume snaking its way from Bywater to the Quarter, with stops at bars along the way.  

At Mimi's

RIP Don C.

Jesus... dancing with bunny



Daddy's little angel of death

The rolling wrestling ring
Pork Chops

Zebra in a crinoline, with cigarette

Pom poms!

Pom poms!


The steampunk trojan horse (which I never did get to see, alas)


Mr. Bluehaunt said...

Wow. My life is dull.

mrpeenee said...

It all looks poignantly lovely. I think my friend Rich was in St. Anne's, he usually is since it gores right by his house.

DeepBlue said...


You call this TAME???

Geez. I'm happy you didn't attend MY absolutely fabulous non-existing *beep-beep* Mardi Gras party!

Anonymous said...

I love Pom Poms and the cake.

normadesmond said...


larry said...

looks like a fabulous time Jason:)))))wish i could have been there:)))HUGS!!!!!

MJ said...

Something for everyone.

mistress maddie said...

I so enjoyed the view in the front yard!!!! I 'd be such a whore there....

Kim Hambric said...

I'd like to say, "Now I've seen it all," but I know I'd be very wrong.