Feb 11, 2012


Last night John and I attended the ball of a local gay krewe. It was my second year going, and this one was even better than the first. Last year I went in a sort of cobbled together costume, looking like some sort of bizarre organ grinder's monkey, but this year the Krewe's king graciously lent me a tux. A tux is much more comfortable than wearing velvet knickers and hose, I'll tell you. Anyway, here are a few of the truly terrible photos I took last night. They can't do this justice at all.
The theme was The Armageddon Ball, since this is 2012, after all.

Glamourous Drag queens (and Roman senators)

Part two of my Glamourous Drag queens from the back series

It wouldn't be mardi gras without some bending of the theme. Here's the Poseidon Adventure, complete with Shelley W.

The MC of the night, Varla Jean (hilarious)

The King in his Reign of Terror costume, with built in Guillotine. Too fabulous for words.

The King as a Firebird

Firebirds, green fairy, horseman of the apocalypse, and cockroach.

The former queen and king

Guest in a fabulous wig of plastic cups and christmas lights.


Princess said...

Looks like you had a ball!
Queens do know how to frock up!

Thombeau said...

Sooooo fabulous!!!!

La Gitana said...

I Love your blog. You're my new best friend.