Aug 18, 2011

celery and benefits

The other day, John (who's from NY) brought me this:

He'd mentioned it a while back at dinner, and I was intrigued. I mean....Celery!? Soda?!
(what, you're going to tell me you're not intrigued? pshaw)

Somehow or another he tracked it down here.
I have to admit, I was dubious when I first sipped it, but it's actually pretty good. It's only slightly sweet and the celery flavor is fairly subtle.

My first thought, however, was that a splash or two of vodka would only make it better...but then that's true for just about anything, right?


Peeper Beeper said...

Dr. Brown's Cel-ray was my fave back in the early 80's.It was the drink of choice at It's It Deli in Cleveland where I worked back in the day.

normadesmond said...

what's next, the hora?

jason said...

Oh Norma...I could only hope.

mrpeenee said...

The celrytini. Of course.

Nathan said...

Years ago, my grandma told me she couldn't eat celery because it "repeats" on her. For some reason I've never been able to look at celery the same.

I may have to pass on this soda.

Kim Hambric said...

ONLY with vodka.