Aug 30, 2011

the big smokey

Sunday night I woke up at about 2 in the morning to the smell of fire.
I panicked, thinking the place was on fire. "WTF?!" I thought, "Wasn't Katrina enough?"

I pulled myself together and gave a search around, but nothing seemed amiss either in my place or anywhere else. Strange.

So I went back to bed, figuring I'd at least get some sleep before I burned to a crisp. Anything to get a few hours of sleep, you know.

I woke up to find out that it was a huge marsh fire (started by lightening) out in the east.

Here it is from space a few hours ago:

The whole city's been affected even the suburbs. Depending on the wind, it may be a bit worse or better, but it's hard to escape. What makes it bad is that there are supposedly dangerous toxins burning up, or so they say.
At least three of my students have already been to the emergency room.
Whatever the case, it's nasty and it stinks.

It seems to have hit its worst today. Meahwhile, even indoors, even with AC, everywhere it smells like fire.

This afternoon, the gals at Target all had their face masks on. Can't be too careful cashiering, I guess.

Meanwhile, I'm going to get the industrial strength Renuzit and nuke the hell of of this place: Renuke it, as it were.


mrpeenee said...

A marsh fire east of New Orleans is almost certainly fueled by plenty of the residues of all the petro chemical refineries upriver. Lotsa toxins, burns like hell, but I'm sure the sunrises are just lovely.

And if you're going to wear respiration masks,I say get one that makes you look like Spiderman.

David Toms said...

Thank god it is only a marsh fire. If you had smelt burning toast I would say you were having a stroke.

designing wally said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles...

I always hated that stench too.

ayeM8y said...

Oh honey as if it wasn’t hot enough already. Imagine if oil is still embedded/impregnated in the mud? Could be quite nasty. I suggest an iron lung, or hazmat, diving bell, or Darth Vader suits.

My mother once had the misfortune to walk through a cloud of smoke that turned out to be poison ivy burning. She breathed it in and had to be hospitalized for weeks.

I hope all of this helps.

P.S. you could always invest in a giant bellows to gentle whoosh the stagnant air out of your way.

Margaret said...

I thought you were going to say that it was your new couch, a spontaneous combustion event after your nightly "close up" on it. Glad it wasn't that. Nola's full of surprises, isn't it?

Aye, I hope your mom was preggars with you at the time. That could explain your internal itching.

MJ said...

Why is there always some crazy-ass weather event or other bizarre happening (other than Southern Decadence) at this time of the year down there?

govtdrone said...

Ahh yes, the smell of burning toxins. I work in New Orleans East so sometimes we really get the smell. Of course, next thing you know the coughing starts...and the snorting...and the complaining...and then some idiot starts spraying air freshener. Yeah, that really helps.

Ur-spo said...

I was amazed to hear a marsh could catch fire; aren't they wet?

Jill said...

The el paso newspaper sucks (lower case on purpose). I knew nothing about this!