Jun 4, 2007

Visiting the Edies

I'm going to NYC this weekend, to see Grey Gardens!!!

I can't believe it.
It's completely impulsive, irresponsible craziness on my part, of course, but I don't care.

Michael called Saturday while I was away to say that he'd gotten a hotel, and within a few minutes of talking to him I couldn't resist joining him. (All in the name of research Thom, btw :)

Sunday is the Tonys. I hear Christine Ebersole is expected to win. I wonder if NYC is just filled with Grey Gardens mania?

Wouldn't that be magical?
Street lights covered in headscarves and brooches, vendors selling plates and plates of icecream on the street corners, giant lighted animated raccoons in Rockefeller Center.

I don't know what all we can manage to do in just two days, but we'll do our best.


nolageek said...

OMG that rules.

Max said...

Tim is on his way up there at this moment (well, he's in the air somewhere right now, I guess), headed to see Grey Gardens and Spring Awakening. Like you, he's taking the trip solely to see shows and then come home--you crazy kids!

jason said...

I wish I had that t-shirt now. Damned Katrina.

No kidding? Cool!
Maybe we'll see him in the audience :)
I hear Spring Awakening is pretty good, but one play is enough for me for two days.

thombeau said...

A friend of mine saw it recently. She absolutely loved it! (She also sat in the front row for Vanessa Redgrave's show. How cool is that?)

Have a wondrous time!!!

Silly Monkey said...

How exciting is THAT? :D You're there now. I want to ask questions, but I'm sure you'll blog about it when you return. So I'll ask then if they aren't covered. ;)