Jun 11, 2007

"I can't get over this, I really can't!"

So we've just gotten home from seeing
Grey Gardens
What can I say except that I was completely seduced by it.
It was that good.

Of course I was dubious at first. I mean, we had been reading about it since its earliest conception, and frankly I didn't like what I had heard, about some of the liberties they had taken with the movie, especially the intrusion of a Kennedy subplot onto the play.

But, within a few seconds the play completely won me over. It was magical.

Michael and I saw it on Sunday. He hadn't realized that Sunday was the day of the Tonys, so we were very afraid that Christine Ebersole might not be there. Amazingly, she was. The entire cast was there. The theater was small, but packed, and the crowd was enthusiastic.

We heard the woman behind us, there with her children and husband saying that she'd seen the play 11 times. "Yes, Mommy, we know the story," I heard the little girl tell her.
What a city!

Of course Christine Ebersole was wonderful (click on the official website link above to hear her sing), but the real revelation was Mary Louise Wilson, who plays Big Edie. She was phenomenal. We got back to the hotel late on Sunday night and watched both Christine and Mary Louise win Tonys.


Silly Monkey said...

Wait, was this whole play a MUSICAL? Do you think it'll ever come here--like all the great plays? ;)

So where did you stay? What did you buy? Was it just you and Michael the whole time? No pictures of you two?

jason said...

Of course it's a musical.

The film was a musical too. Didn't you realize that?
Well, practically :)

We stayed at the Barclay- Intercontinental, right across the steet from the Waldorf Astoria. Lots of marble.

It was just the two of us.
I didn't have a camera.
Michael took some photos, not many. There are a few pictures of me, not him.

Silly Monkey said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot about the part where they went up to the attic and the squirrels broke out in song and dance. ;)

thombeau said...