Apr 18, 2007

"Caught up in a man's penis power..." part trois

I'm sorry that the original video must have been too popular.

Alexyss K Tylor is on the verge of Superstardom I predict. The internet was flooded with the clip I had posted and well, who knows what kind of meltdown must have happened.
Thankfully, I've re-found it.


Silly Monkey said...

It says "This video is no longer available."

Silly Monkey said...

The spiritual essense of the vagina. . .

OMG! LOL! That was like a Saturday Night Live skit! "Dick will make you slap someone."

And the thing about making you feel like you're in church on Sunday really put some pictures in my head of big, black women on top of men screaming, "Halleluiah! Oh, Jesus, I've been saved. Amen, sister. Uhhh...huhhh."

nolageek said...

Oh my lord. She said penis and vagina like.. 2 million times.

nolageek said...

I can't stop watching her.


jason said...

I should have warned you, Vincent.

A snippet:
"They done taken the wedding band off the finger.
They done taken the wedding ring
off the nuts
The nuts and the penis runnin wild.
and running free to DO what they wanna do.

'Scuse me, my mother is on the show.
Did you want to say sumthing?"

I'm sorry
It's like crack.

Silly Monkey said...


Ya'll got to be the pussy police!