Apr 13, 2007

"We can keep talking but..."

Ok, so this is more typical of my "dating" experience.
A few days ago someone replied to an ad I have. I dutifully sent a photo to him first, without ever seeing his by the way.

This morning this is what greets me:

Hey Jason, good morning. Thank you for the pic and the reply. I feel that I have to be honest with you from the start.
I am not attracted to you. I can be friends and we can keep talking, but I beleive in being truthful always. I hope you understand.

What type of painting do you do? I'm kinda new to the painting thing, but my work seems to be selling really well. I sold 10 paintings last month.

Now it's not like it's never happened before, but it always hurts a bit you know?

I'm not sure what to write back to him, you know. But I did anyway. I seemed rude not to.
I complimented him on his sale of paintings and thanked him and well, what else could I say?


Silly Monkey said...

O! M! G! I'm sorry, but that's just SO superficial! I know it doesn't hurt less to hear this, but really, Jason, would you want to date someone like that? Someone who's only interested in your for your looks?

Here's my wish for you:

You become friends with him, and after he learns what your personality is like, he realizes you are perfect for him and he falls in love with you. But, oops, too bad, because you've found someone better in the meantime. His loss! ;)

jason said...

Thanks SM,

Well, doesn't seem like your devious plan (a good one, by the way :) could work.

Even though I wrote back nicely, complimenting him even, I've not heard back.
It's just as well, I know.
But people never fail to amaze me.

Breezy said...

Just who is this jackass?

You know what I always wanted to do? I always wanted to put up a webpage with the pictures and profiles of men who wrote stupid things like that in response to my emails or adds. Men behaving badly towards others. Then I hoped it would become this HUGE movement where other men would post other men's pictures and bad experiences and so on.

Alas, I have no follow-through. Wouldn't it be great if that were possible without facing any legal litigation?

Silly Monkey said...

What a great idea. Kind of like epinions.com but for men instead of merchandise. :)