Feb 4, 2007


Just found a wonderful site, called
Too bizarre...too funny.


Silly Monkey said...

Oh, you just SUCK, Jason. Just what I need--another site to peruse in my "spare" time. But I HAVE to. It's so much fun! I've already spent the morning going through the 1940's section instead of working. ;) I love it!

jason said...

Oh, I'm afraid you can prepare yourself for hours upon hours of bemused non-work from now on.

Sorry about that.

Silly Monkey said...

My favorite, so far, is the 1940s pattern of the boys in snowsuits pointing, and one is saying something like, "I think our dignity is over there."

And the other is pointing the other way saying, "No, it's over there with our masculinity." LOL. I love this person's sense of humor.