Feb 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

I had noble intentions of going downtown yesterday for Mardi Gras. It looked so nice on tv, and I was tired of being cooped up at Big Lots on the westbank all week.

So I got in my battleship of a car and drove down there.
After an hour or so of driving constantly, looking fruitlessly for a place to park, any place to park....I gave up.

It was insane, and after an hour I was frazzled.
I came back home and graded some papers and ate ramen noodles.

woo hoo.

Later on I turned on the tv to watch the meeting of the courts.
My friend Dennis had told me a while back that he was going to the Rex ball.
Some elderly gentleman friend of his invited him. He hadn't planned to go, but since he's moving to California next week (yet another friend gone), he figured he'd never get the chance.

He figured it would be mind numbingly boring, which I'm sure it was....but still, I envy him. I've always harbored a secret dream. I can't imagine they'd even let a westbanker in. It'd be like Eliza Doolittle at Ascot...I'd be wary that my dormant accent would give me away.

I've watched the meeting of the courts ever since I was old enough to stay up that late. It's foolish to watch, of course. I mean really, they could easily just slip a tape of last years event and no one would be any wiser, but I still love that sort of stuff.

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