Feb 9, 2007


The past two days I've been sick. I stayed home yesterday, only to find myself vomitting and with a terrible head cold.
By the way, vomitting with a head cold and reading about Anna Nicole's death by possible "choking on her own vomit" is not a good way to spend the night.
("Did the diet pills I took 3 years ago just kick in and interact with the methadone that my mother must exhale....and...and...?" Well, you get the idea...)

This morning I had full intentions of going to work. Yesterday was a faculty meeting and and half day so I didn't feel too guilty about staying home, but today, well I had a test to give. When 6 am came however, I had registered maybe 1 hour of sleep and was like the walking dead. I couldn't sleep because nothing would get rid of my head congestion..Nothing. It was claustrophobic trying to sleep, besides the pounding pain. Still, I dressed, drove to school....went in, and promptly vomitted. That's when I decided to go home. Turns out most of the students were leaving early anyway, due to marching in the parade tonight. I drove to the store, got some more medicine, and now I'm in bed, after a 4 hour nap, ready for another one.
There is a complete media blackout on Anna Nicole however....well, as soon as I read a bit more about Zsa Zsa's husband, that is.

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Silly Monkey said...

I take it you're feeling better since you're online looking at greyed-out photos of naked men in tacky rooms. :)