Aug 17, 2006

Idle thoughts on Project Runway

I'm not a big fan of "reality" tv, but I do have a weakness for Project Runway. I don't really like the stereotypical reality tv drama as much as seeing the creative process. I especially like hearing the critiques afterwards. I wish they'd show more of that.

Anyway, last night's episode was an interesting one, but not the best. The contestants were made to create a gown from recycled garbage. On the whole the outfits were all pretty disappointing. The gowns made from the hotel room items on the first episode, I think, were better. It was a similar challenge, but with better results.

Like anyone who watches these sorts of shows I have those whom I like and those whom I don't. The producers know this. In fact I think they manufacture it. There are those whom everyone can easily dislike, like Angela and her stupid "fleurechons" and bizarre stories told with a complete poker face about the head mistress at a day care center in Paris called "Jubilee Jumbles" and her dog Pattycake. (WTF?)

Or Jeffery, who is a tattoo-necked asshole, pretty much. Not much more to say there. He's easy enough to dislike. That seems to be his role.

But some of the "villains" I Laura. I'm not terribly impressed with her designs, as they always seem to look like something she would wear herself. They're always sort of late 80's glamour, not a bad thing per se, but a bit predictible. She does like to stir the shit, so to speak. She doesn't hold her tongue, again, not a bad thing per se, but a bit predictible. Just the same, I like her little grin when she does it. She may stir it up, but she doesn't seem that invested in it.
I like her. I read in the paper the other day that she grew up in Metairie of all places, so maybe that's coloring my affection for her. You've got to love a hometown girl who can swim with the sharks in Manhattan.

Or maybe you don't.

I also like (liked?) Bradley. He was something of a sad sack, but then I'm a sucker for that. He was like Linus in the Peanuts almost. I almost expected him to make a dress out of a security blanket.
I'm not a fan or his designs either, (they're pretty bad) but he was just so good naturedly winsome, but also more aware than one might think. How could one not like him. Of course I seem alone in this. What I especially like (d?) about him however was his sly smile. He wasn't taking this all that seriously either.
In the last challenge poor Bradley got Cher as his "fashion icon." He had to modernize her look. Could *anyone* really manage this I ask you?
That was his demise. I'm sure Cher has been the downfall of many an innocent man. I'm just a little sad to see him go. (which has wonderful synopses of each episode) writes that:

"Bradley doesn't know shit about Cher. Katie, who is twelve, tries to tell
Bradley about Cher. This is no good. You'd think Bradley would at least have seen Silkwood. I've always thought that someone should base a collection on Silkwood. I'm not kidding. Meryl Streep is smoking hot in that movie -- mullet, rock t-shirt, leather jacket. And, you could have some Cher butch-chic looks working the runway. Nina Garcia would flip for that shit. "

I just *love* that quote....and so much more. He (Jeff from Televisionwithoutpity)
sums up something I have always thought too!

Read the rest of his synopsis here

My favorite designer so far, however, has to be Michael. I think he's going to win.

Now of course the fact that the clearly insane Vincent is still on makes me think.
I wonder sometimes if he's not really an actor....a plant. I mean really, can he really be for real? He seems straight out of central casting.
But then I think of some of the crazies I know in person, and I realize that he could very much be for real...yep, very real.
If you pay close attention to the credits you will notice something to the effect that the judges work in conjunction with the producers in eliminating the contestants each week. In other words, if you are crazy or bitchy you can pretty much guarantee that you will be on till the end, for "drama."
This is "reality" tv, after all, right?

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Miss Naomi said...

Were you in my head when you wrote this? I 100% agree with everything. I too loved winsome Bradly. And bitchy Laura.