Jul 29, 2006

Back to New Orleans

So, it's been a year nearly that I've been without a home. A long year.
My birthday having just passed, I felt an even more pressing need to move....
a mania, even.

I've been looking for months, only to be repeatedly thwarted by outrageous prices or bad luck, but I've finally found a place to live.

Of course, it's not really where I wanted to live...it's even further north than my old place (which I hated about it), further away from everything. It's 175 dollars more a month than what I was paying before. It's a bit smaller.
The water pressure is nearly non-existent and the water, when it does show up, is full of rust.
And it has the two most hideous vintage 1970's Sears Window units I've ever seen.
How does one mask that??

But it is in a nice neighborhood (my friend Velinda lives nearby) and it's upstairs (no flooding?)....and it is a place to live.

It's near Bayou St. John, not far from City Park. So I've managed to barely scrape up the obscene (to me) amount money the landlord demanded, and should move in next month or so.

Of course, I'm insane....I have no job or anything, but well, let's deal with one problem at a time.


Silly Monkey said...

Is that a view from your apartment? If so, WOW! Even if it's not, that's not a bad neighborhood, other than that pesky flooding issue. But you're upstairs, so that won't (possibly won't) be a problem.

Congratulations! I know you don't have much to move, but call your friends if you need help. We'll be more than happy to help you move.

And like I mentioned before, I have dishes and bowls if you need them. No cups. And a solid light blue shower curtain with waffle weave. Please let me know what you need. You know how much crap I have stored away not being used. I may have what you need. AND it'll help me get rid of shit. :D

Breezy said...

Congratulations! Maybe if you decide to have a housewarming, we can enter -look around- eat food - and then let the next group in. You'll have to take pictures to show how small it really is.

jason said...

thanks Jason,
alas, no that is not the view from the apartment...the view is of two vintage 1970's AC units, I'm afraid. But it is within walking distance of a view similar.

jason said...

thanks Breezy :)
I might just have to do that, have a guest
rotation for any get together

Topics said...

Best of everything,

Julie said...

I'm SO glad to hear that, Jason!! You've had such a miserable time of it - thank gawd something good has finally come about! Fun that you'll be close to your friend.. y'all can be over at each other's places all the time having cawfee tawk and things. Probably not too far from Vinnie, too?