Jul 18, 2006

Ai yai yai

I remember reading once, that the world (at least the European world) could be divided up into two parts, those who say "ouch" instinctively upon being hurt and those who say "ai yai yai".
The former is Anglo, the later is Latin.

Despite my father's family, the Latin in me, it seems, is dominant.
Minutes ago, I instinctively let out an "Ai yai yai!!!!!" that would make any Frenchman proud.

An hour or so ago, after a weekend of merciless abuse by me, my feet decided to get their revenge.

All at once, without warning, I found myself sprawled on the concrete, face down, my foot having twisted into a horrible contortion under me.
I tripped down a flight of stairs in the darkness.

How I managed to get up and crawl back indoors I don't know. I'd be crying now, if it weren't for the icepack I have hastily made. Whether my foot is broken or not, I don't know. I hope it's not, since I have no insurance (or salary for that matter) right now.
I'm not sure what to do. Thank God for the internet, hopefully I can find some information there.


Anonymous said...

I have had much experience with sprains--sprained my left ankle twice and my right once. So, lets see--can you move your foot, I know it hurts but can you move it around? If you can you may not have broke it.
Make sure you do RICE:

This really helps and will help keep the swelling down. Don't put the ice bag directly on your foot (it maky freeze) wrap it in a towel. Keep putting ice on it.
Good luck. If it just a sprain you are looking at least a week of healing time.

jason said...

thank you!
I've been doing everything wrong, it seems, except the rest part...

Anonymous said...

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