Mar 22, 2015

Erin Go Bragh-less

Only here in the land of dreamy dreams, would I get stopped in traffic for  the traditional Five-Days-after-St. Patrick's-Day parade.

Of course, nothing says "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" like Dracula's coffin, am I right?

Unless it's Magraritas O'Maracas
And of course the several tons of cabbage, potatoes green vomit beads littering the highway

                                    Five days without a parade, and the city goes into withdrawal. 


"Tommy" said...

Five Days.... I'm sure y'all will have a parade soon

Jon said...

You mean there's not one planned for Joan Crawford's birthday? Jx

jason said...

@Jon: Ah! So *that's* why there was Dracula's coffin.

Jon said...

It can't be Joan's - there's no Pepsi logo on it. Jx

mrpeenee said...

It's the Krewe of Cheap Whores.