Mar 3, 2015

Disgusting filth from around town

Filthy Muff-a-liciousness in the windows
Shower with a Tricky Dick at the thrift stores

Lips and more lips in the Co-ops
Scatological Suppers in the discount stores
Homosexual pornography in the record stores

Homosexual pornography in the record stores

TMI at the burger joints
Big giant cocks on the walls


Raina Cox said...

You visit the swankiest places.

normadesmond said...

people eat the lips of pigs?

Mean Dirty Pirate said...

I would pay up to $50.00 for the Anita Bryant record just to burn it.

mrpeenee said...

That Dump Dinner cookbook looks suspiciously as if it made its way into your basket.

Jon said...

Google should be told! Ban this filth! Jx

mistress maddie said...

I not use to the cocks on the wall.....more like coming through a hole in the wall.

Inexplicable DeVice said...

That Unrest guy is so unrested he doesn't know whether he's turning his own knob or the one on the cooker.