May 22, 2014

Town and WTF-ery

Today, perusing the latest issue of Town and Country (at the public library, to that homeless man, the one who smells vaguely like cat food. You know the one.),

I happened across this little article.

"What jewels pair well with couture sneakers and hand-embroidered hoodie?"
I almost did a spit take....I mean, this clearly this is a parody of a Town and Country article, right?

And just in case you thought they were putting us on, here are the prices.
 Well, then....oh. kay.


normadesmond said...

the poor, poor children of westchester county,
my heart breaks for them & what they must endure.

MJ said...

You can do all this at a fraction of the price with The BeJeweler.

Andrea said...

Pfffft. "Hang on a sec, I'll be right there. Just let me throw on my sneakers and my hoodie...and my 13 thousand dollar broach."