May 29, 2014

shoppingtime sadness

(Or, three pathetic things seen shopping today)

1. Perfect Polly, the pathetic plastic parrot.    Oh my God, what kind of sad little life must one have to buy a plastic parrot as a pet? (ok, so yeah, I kinda want one)
2.  Bubba : While you're there at Biglots, why don't you get little Sally a trailer trash doll who sniffs his own underarms?  That'll prep her better for marriage than that fag "Ken," right?

3. "Schoolkrijt zacht zoet":     Surely this is some sadistic joke, right?

"Hey, let's take the world's worst 'candy' (licorice)...and shape it to look like....oh, I got it..... chalk! 

Ha ha ha")
Sick Dutch bastards.


savannah said...

That plastic parakeet seems as if it should be part of sort of MASSIVE installation art piece! xoxoxo

ayeM8y said...

At least you won't feel bad when your plastic parrot dies from eating licorice flavored chalk.

And you'll always have Sally to sniff things...

MJ said...

Looks like Bubba's doing armpit farts. Bonus!

normadesmond said...

i'd say your xmas stocking shopping is done!

Salty Miss Jill said...

I saw a commercial for the plastic parakeet and it depressed the living shot out of me for days.