May 27, 2014

Painting parade with Peenee

Recently, when Peenee was in town, he and the lovely "Magda" were kind enough to let me join them on a little jaunt through the consignment store.

You should all be jealous.

While they looked at the antiques, I spent time taking furtive cell phone photos.

I was almost like being in the Louvre with Sr. Wendy!'s a small sampling of some of the "artistic" offerings that day:

Harlequin (screaming out his existential angst into the godless void)

Flock of terrifying cross-eyed sea gulls. Hitchcock Schmitcock.

Nude, with (some of her) hair blowing in the wind



mrpeenee said...

I was just looking for something that would match the sofa.

MJ said...

You and Peenee should have your own home decor show.