Jan 22, 2014

Love will (not) keep us together

I don't know if you all have heard the terrible news yet...
but frankly I am devastated.
Devastated I tell you!
Is nothing real? Nothing true? Nothing sacred?!

Anyways, in honor of a muskrat love gone bad,
I offer you a few select pages of my very own Captain and Tennille fan book.

I found this treasure a while back at a book fair.
It was a castoff from an elementary school library.
I snatched it up for my dear friend Michael before anyone else could get their filthy hands on it.

It resides with him  now, hopefully in a crystal reliquary, illuminated by holy candles.

It was part of the "Rock'n Pop Stars" series, apparently.  

I'm sure that "Charley Pride" volume must fetch top dollar on ebay, right?  

Sadly, the words of this classic will taunt us forevermore with their tawdry hypocrisy: 


normadesmond said...


ayeM8y said...

You just know they stayed together about twenty years longer than they would have because of that stupid song.

I bet muskrat Susie and Sam are still together though.

jason said...

The only solace I can find in this tragedy is the hope that Toni will finally come out as a late-in-life lesbian.
And then get married to Olivia Newton John .

Jon said...

I thought they were dead - was it a fight over who's going to use the zimmer frame or something? Jx

Ur-spo said...

this made me sad, indeed.

Muscato said...

Geez, you go away for a week and the whole world collapses.

Frankly, I thought they'd divorced about 25 years ago.

I'm always puzzled by late-in-life breakups - I mean, after you've spent all that time training one up, you've got to start on another? Who has the energy?

You would have thought that if their partnership could survive Mae West's rendition of LWKUT in Sextette, it could survive anything...