Jan 3, 2014

Living Large with Marje

In my new years attempt to be more...um...gay gracious,  I'm boning up by reading  
Living Artfully: At Home with Marjorie Merriweather Post.

It teaches us all how to be as gracious as she was.

And now I'm here to bore you with it!

Anyway, I'm sure steps 1-20 are "be born an heiress,"
so I'll just have to skip to step 24 or so:

24. Butlers.....and boiseries And lots of 'em!

30. Match your gloves to your hair

34. Put up a goddamned Christmas tree  (done) 

43.Chandeliers.   Here seen in her famous winter retreat Mar-a-Lago
56. Insist that ladies and gentlemen wearing stilettos put on plastic heel caps.

60. Never let your hair outshine your guests.  Here's Marje with Lady Bird's hair.
69.  Find some alone time.  Her bedroom's "Do not Disturb" sign 

76. Soft pink light in the morning.  Her bathroom, with remote control....pink remote control
80.  serve your Birdseye frozen food on Limoges. (done)


Princess said...

My goodness there are some great tips here...

Raina Cox said...

The world would be a kinder, more lilac-haired place.

mistress maddie said...

I may have to get that book. I though I was the only one with that bedroom sign Do Not Disturb Resting.

normadesmond said...

i intend to be a dowager when i
grow up, like in ten minutes.

MJ said...

Norma, you're ten past dowager.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Jason, her great granddaughter Nadinia Dye was murdered last week in Central America.

Marjorie's Washington home, Hillwood is just down the road. Visit DC and we'll go together.

Muscato said...

I have yet to get to Hillwood - a major oversight.

I think I'll try and add MMP's wisdom to that of my principal guidepost on our slog through this dreary world...

Ur-spo said...

the little stiletto heel caps are my favorite; does she say how to get your guests to don them?

mrpeenee said...

That butler looks like he could wrestle the guests to the floor so Marjorie can slip the caps on the their heels. One can only imagine what happens then.

mrpeenee said...

Ur-spo - You know that butler helped, even if he had to wrestle those bitches to the floor.