Jun 11, 2013

Let me look that up...

So, what did I do with my day off, you ask?

First I took my lonesome to lunch at our local Wendy's.
Hey, nothing but the best for me.

Mid-bite, I glanced up from my chicken sandwich to see the women of "The Talk" cackling down at me from both directions about "scrotum rejuvenation".
Yes, you read that right....I'm talking ball "ironing", ladies.

This, of course, led me to look it up.

Traumatized, I took myself to a matinee of a Danish rom-com called "Den skaldede frisør" (All You Need is Love). I'd never heard of it, but what the hell, right?

It was pretty enough and well acted....but I didn't much like it. 
Surely enough, my autopsy research yielded this very accurate review:

"So stale that the whole thing plays like a Scandinavian Tyler Perry movie."
Which actually makes it sound better than it was.

On the way home, I took a swing around to the library to return some books.
The librarian's farts pushed me out of the art section and into the direction of this one (below), so, of course, I picked it up too:

In it, he goes on and on about his son and his husband...so much that I gagged with jealousy
I can't help but be curious.  My research leads me to find his husband here:

What. Ever.
I just bet he's having to have his scrotum rejuvenated right
now, right?


normadesmond said...

that's really his husband?

oh yuck.

normadesmond said...

my balls are the last thing
i'd let anyone with a laser beam
near. those insane weho fags.

mistress maddie said...

The husband looks alright. Dan is the one who probably could use a scrotum rejuvenated! Not I. I have a hard time now getting them in sport trunks and sitting on them. They'll just get wrinkled again.

mrpeenee said...

If I could just keep mine out the water when I sit on the toilet, I'd be happy.

I used to like Dan Savage, but sine he spawned. it's al been downhill.

mrpeenee said...

I think my typing needs to be rejuvenated.

MJ said...


I'm going to start offering this procedure at the Infomaniac House of Beauty.

Anonymous said...

I really must come South for a tour of your town.

And I wonder, is the husband Brazilian? They all seem to find a Brazilian, although this one doesn't look Brazilian.

Muscato said...

I believe that Dan's husband is quite all American, although it seems very likely that he's at least had a Brazilian, as it were.

I wonder if finding an Egyptian, as I've been lucky enough to do, is the equivalent for this side of the world? Mr. Muscato isn't quite on the order of Marc Jacobs's boytoy (thank God), but he has his deorative moments...

As for the procedure: oy. Talk about your First World Problems.