Jun 2, 2013

Hot ginger

Glancing through the queries which lead poor unsuspecting souls to my humble site, I see that "ginger"
(as in "ginger-vitis", "ginger muscle", "ginger tumblr", "ginger hotties", "ginger cake")
is one the most common.

Anyway, until I can get my recipes up, here something to tide you all over.

(Don't accuse me of not pandering to my audience)

a. Ginger McPits
b.Ginger McWood
c.Ginger McMane
d.Ginger O'Plaid

e.Ginger McDrawers

f.Ginger McNopubes

g.Ginger McCoy

h.Ginger McPretty

i.Ginger McHipster

j.Ginger McPrettier

k.Ginger McFriendly

l.Ginger McPubes
m.Ginger O'Goatee

n.Ginger McJock

o.Ginger McLeather
p.Ginger McWitch
ps. One of these gingers I've actually met.
 Extra points to whoever can guess.


Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I am guessing "o"

normadesmond said...

I"M hoping endora.

mrpeenee said...

You know I'm with Norma. Cocktails with Ms. Moorehead at the Mississippi River Bottom on stripper boi night, that's what I'm hoping.

Anonymous said...

Ginger McFriendly of course.

savannah said...

what miss norma and mr peenee said, sugar. you met miss moorehead! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

or McLeather

jason said...

Oh, as much as I would love to have entertained Moorehead...
you're all wrong...sadly.
Keep guessing.

MJ said...

I so badly wanted it to be Ms. Moorehead.

Ginger McFriendly?

jason said...

Shhh don't tell anyone, but the answer (alas) is not Miss Moorehead, but Mr. Number L.

MJ said...

That is one big nest o' ginger, Jason.