Jun 24, 2013

Our Lady of Lawns

Here are just a few of the front lawn Madonnas I saw in the five minute (!) walk I took today from my car to the library. What can I say, we love our virgins down here.
Our Lady of the Lizards
Madonna of the Mardi Gras

Madonna Leda and the Swan
Our Lady of the Daylillies
Our Lady of LourdesLawns


normadesmond said...

all i have in my neighborhood
are a few shaytled battleaxes.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

And God knows that NOLA is known for its virgins*.

*Or lack thereof

Princess said...

And one of them even bought her own grotto...

ayeM8y said...

Gosh you can hardly walk a few feet without having to make the sign of the cross.