Oct 22, 2012

Halloween cuteness

Halloween crafts for those of us who are lazy
cookie vampire mouths

spider lollipop

Candy corn on the cob
ghost poop
Mummified wienies
tampon ghosts

most via kitschyliving


Anonymous said...

The mummified wieners remind me of King Cake babies wrapped in swaddling cloth laying in a manger.

"Happy HalloMardiChristmas!"

mrpeenee said...

I recently discovered there exists Candy Corn Oreos. the very thought of which makes me sort of queasy.

MJ said...

I hope my "Aunt Flo" visits for Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Cramps and bloating, perfect costume for your perpetual grumpiness, MJ.

Diane said...

Wait. There's an Oreo that makes Mr. P queasy? Now *that's* news!