Aug 26, 2012

quiet night in the quarter

So last night for a friend's birthday we went to the quarter.
It was dead.
Bored at the regular clubs, we ended up on a hunt for some mythic Brigadoon of gay strip clubs....a place new and "hidden". How exciting!

Sadly, we found it.
A barker with bad teeth lead us to a back door of a daiquiri shop.
He opened it to reveal a small room.

On stage- a bored looking stripper, "Blueberry".

Blueberry is wearing a bikini top and a few dollar bills, hanging from the pole, ass cheeks still jiggling from the effort of getting upside down.
But somehow still bored.
Hanging on the walls are the other strippers, in Underoos, sullenly watching a football game.

We left before I could even get a drink....
and went to the much more respectable Corner Pocket, the only club where the ratio of strippers outnumbers that of customers.

One of the strippers had the audacity to check his iphone on the stage.
Can you even?
Kids these days.
And another wore Uggs...with socks.

Oh, and now there's a hurricane coming.


Thombeau said...

I don't know what sort of world you live in but it simultaneously intrigues and appalls.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I love watching women strip for cash because its so tawdry to pay for something you have no interest in.

Princess said...

I don't think the pole dancers arse was still jiggling from the exertion... he had his phone on vibrate mode jammed between his butt cheeks... You obviously walked in on a private call!

Ps...I hope the hurricane passes by without too much incident....

mrpeenee said...

Speaking from my massive experience, strippers are NEVER as much fun as it seems like they should be.

Anonymous said...

oh how you make me laugh.

best to you during the catastrophe.

mistress maddie said...

Uggs! With socks!!! I can't. Uggs are just as bad as croc's! I have missed your daily sights and "days" out and about post!!!!

Ur-spo said...

what are Uggs?