Aug 12, 2012

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I keep a lot of notes, receipts and junk in my wallet.

Anyway, last night I was in line in the drive-through of McDonald's.
I rolled up.
The cashier bounded to the window like a puppy. He was friendly and cute...
and just as gay as could be.
"$6.75, please," he said with a smile.

I reached into my wallet and gave him the money.
"Thank you!"
 He handed me back a note with my change.
I was puzzled....and then looked at it.
The number was from a former coworker.

Then I must have been stuck to one of my bills.
"Oh my god," I thought.  "This poor boy must think I'm flirting with him, giving him my number!"
I was mortified.

By the time I got to the pick up window, however, I found myself feeling kinda hurt.
I mean really.
I realized I'd actually been dissed.

Ah least fries never reject you, right? 
Well, almost.



normadesmond said...

jeez, between you and peenee,
i'm sensing a theme going around.

mrpeenee said...

Excuse me?

Anonymous said...

You were rejected because you look like Sophia Loren...a fe-male, duh...

Jon said...


mistress maddie said...

You have the best stories I swear! And may he get many break outs from handling all that grease!!!

Anonymous said...

I think he was just being polite and didn't think you were passing your number along to him. If you had been, you'd certainly would have said, "Hey, here's my number, text me when you get off work." Right?

designing wally said...

It most likely all an honest transaction, and he knew the number was stuck to the bill and just returned it....

But I think we'd all like to know more about this fantasy of yours, does it end with just burger boys or could a soda jerk or valet do the trick for ya???

Do Tell...

Dean Grey said...

I agree with Joseph the Butler.

Don't assume anything.

For all you know, that boy could've been flattered but since he was at work simply gave the note back.

That or he thought you gave it to him by accident.