Aug 2, 2012

Let's take a trip to the thrift store...

Shall we?
The display case. Apparently the short gray wigs are a hot commodity, too much temptation for the shoplifters. So they have to be kept behind glass.

Tammy Faye and Jim Baker album, in original wrapper.
A syntactical mystery in the men's room. Do we need good luck because he is excreting? Or is he, more profoundly, excreting good luck, like a golden egg.  Discuss. 

Our Lady of the Drag queens. Are you scared yet?
What I bought

Cute boy at mirror, checking out which red dress looked best on him. 

Dresses he left behind. Thank god, he picked the red spaghetti strapped one.

Super groovy couch I did not buy

very classy Easter Island tissue dispenser.

Lovely old sconces I did buy.  5 dollars!

Used condom in parking lot.  Guess someone got overly excited by something in there. Had to be that the gray wigs, right?


mistress maddie said...

I'll take the boy in the mirror for $50 please and can you throw in the Easter Island tissue box? I have other plans for that,wink!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the sofa. You really should have. Unless you thought it might have bedbugs.

normadesmond said...

the sofa is too groovy!

ayeM8y said...

Ditto on the sofa. You should buy it just in case you um stain the new one that you bought to replace the old one that you stained.

P.S. I have the Easter Island tissue dispenser already.

Margaret said...

You could really just have a blog about Nola thrift shop trips.
The sconces are Addams Fam meets Brady Bunch groovy.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I can't believe you didn't snatch up that Jim & Tammy LP!

Kelly T Keating said...

The scones are fab!


charmngbilly said...

you ARE going to the Red Dress Run and get us a picture of that boy in his red spaghetti-strapped frock, right??