Mar 19, 2012

Country Club Stumped

I'm wracking my brain over here trying to think of dish to fit Marshall's monthly potluck competition. The theme chosen was "Country Club Food."

Who voted for this??
 Oh yeah, I guess I did. But mainly because I just hoped to come dressed as, oh....Dina Merrill?
(More likely to look like Ina Garten)
Anyway, I wasn't thinking.

Fact is, I don't know nothing 'bout no Country Club. I've certainly never eaten at one.
What do white people eat anyway? It's all rather mysterious. Club sandwiches? Arnold Palmers?

So any of you classy sorts ever eaten with the country club set? I suspect you have. What do wasps serve in their natural habitat? What's waspy and cheap good?

Speaking of potluck competition, here are a few of my past attempts:
My "The Many Faces of Michael Jackson cupcakes"(chocolate frosted white cupcakes)... for the "Dish that reminds you of a celebrity" competition.  It was a very last minute addition to my Madonna "Like a Vegan" Lasagna.

From the "School Cafeteria" competition. I made creamed spinach.
Most recently, for the "Dish that reminds you of a song" theme:  a "Raspberry Torte"


Anonymous Jason Fan said...

I think Country Club Food is any food with a name attached: crab Louis, shrimp Samantha, pancakes Barbara, etc.

Perhaps easier: slice several avocados, pit them, and stuff them with tuna or chicken salad with a dash of red food coloring so the salad is pink. Serve with "Melba rounds."

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

I have never been to a country club - and I'm from Shaker Heights so I know Country Club foods - where the food is palatable.

Think Banquet food. Not banquet food. But Banquet Frozen Dinners plated up on white china.

BLT's are big with the women. CC BLT's are two toasted pieces of white bread, a thick slice of a tomato, a pieces of limp dark green lettuce and a piece of bacon that looks like torched wood at an arson site. That's a CC BLT. And serve it with an ash tray.

Then someone needs to walk around with a towel on. Preferably an old man with huge nuts. That's CC ambiance.

govtdrone said...

Club Sandwiches

mistress maddie said...

Just give the bitches cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off and some gin. They'll love it, and after a few gins, they won't give a crap anyway!

mrpeenee said...

Anon. Jason Fan nailed it, it's all about stirring the food around your plate while you drink hi-balls. The goal is to send the plate back to the kitchen with the same amount of food on it as it emerged with.

Lots of drunken "So listen, that's when I said to her, I said, 'Look Marge...' I says to her, I says...."

normadesmond said...

it's really not what you eat,
it's how you sneer as you chew.

Kim Hambric said...

Norma's so right.

Now, just make sure everyone wears green bermudas and can puff out a short sigh of disgust as the minority help passes by.

Anonymous said...

Overpriced, small portions on large plates and completely unidentifiable, or with odd names, strange colors.

Down the rabbit hole.

ayeM8y said...

I put two cans of tuna fish through the meat grinder...
...then add clam juice and peanut butter.
It's a recipe from Ladies' Home Journal.
These are plain Jack cheese and chutney.

Failing can always make a nice aspic.

jason said...

thank you all! I'm still thinking.

And Mean Dirty....
I love you.
cuz that's EXACTLY what I thought too: The Upson Downs surprise.

Unknown said...

Fried shrimp, chicken salad sandwhiches, shrimp louis salad, cheese cake, melon balls.