Jan 22, 2012

Stuff I didn't buy

..but wish I could.
When I'm bored and lonely I often find myself in a thrift store. I can't use/fit/afford what I see, but never let a bargain go unnoticed.
Anyway, here are some bad cell phone photos taken from various sources. You can almost smell the dust and urine, can't you?
lovely old Mardi Gras Indian costume


beautiful old desk at the Salvation Army

Old Stove
Cute little chair
Big honkin chair

freaky stuffed poodle

midcentury modern credenza 

Gouache portrait from India at Salvation Army

Barbie's cardboard dreamhouse

gorgeous/tacky lamps
redneck coatrack
Someone's light reading in the bathroom


normadesmond said...

you really must putting this
shopping talent to good use.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe that you passed up Barbie's Dream House!

David Toms said...

I would have bought the whole lot in a flash!

savannah said...

oh my, sugar! i would love to know the story behind the mardi gras indian costume! *sigh* you are so going to be my thrift shop guide next time i'm in NOLA, darlin! xoxoxox

mistress maddie said...

I was wondering where the hell that stuffed poddle got too. And the Madri Gras ensemble was un-loved by some drag queen I see.

Maura said...

really really really really want the desk.

DeepBlue said...

I'd kill for those lamps... the best of the lot, I say!

Margaret said...

I had that exact cardboard Barbie house. I "slightly" modified it by poking holes to install a coat hanger curtain rod across the width, thus shielding Ken's eyes from seeing the bed when visited Barbie. I thought it wasn't proper he see too soon in the relationship. Sadly, he died when he was thrust off the rooftop in her car.

You should get bored/lonely more often, and resell these treasures to your loyal blog readers, Jason.

Klee said...

Can someone buy me that stove?

Thombeau said...


mrpeenee said...

Loving the credenza, but it's really about Barbie's Dream House, isn't it?

tamayn said...

I am in love with the sideboard and the stove. It sucks seeing all sorts of stuff and knowing you can't have it. Tiens bon! Courage!

MJ said...

Peenee needs the dream house for his linen closet/Barbie doll sex club!