Jan 4, 2012

I once got dizzy in a Burger King bathroom

A few days ago I had a wisdom tooth removed. It went surprisingly well, all things considered.
I ended up with three new pills to have to take with the other four I'm already taking. 
Every morning I feel like Judy, minus the cigs.

This afternoon, I decided to take one of the percocets.  I hadn't before,
but today the pain was mildly bad.
I got myself dressed and took a drive to the burbs to do some shopping.
I had a sudden desperate need for napkin rings.
Had to be the drugs.

On the way, I stopped off at Burger King, got in line....and
I started to feel dizzy. Dizzy and hot.  And clammy.  And dizzy...
did I mention dizzy?
I sat down....fanned myself like a black woman in church.... and tried to eat, but to no avail.

I threw my food in the garbage, managed to get myself in the car and drove (terrified) home. It was one long long trip.
I got home, threw up, collapsed in bed, and got up five hours later, feeling a bit better. 
Drove to the grocery...and got dizzy there again. Came home and ate some crackers and cheese and an apple and went back to sleep.  Now I'm up again from my nap at 2 am.  Feeling better thankfully.
But....that is one whole day wasted on one little Percocet.
I'm an embarrassment to Judy.


Peter said...

EAT before you drive! Even when it's only an apple. Those pills are strong enough to burn a hole in the carpet.

Do you know what's even worse, you drove while you knew you were not feeling well. What if something happened on the way back? Two, or more lifes destroyed...

BTW, hope you're feeling better soon.

jason said...

Oh, I had already eaten, trust me. But not enough.
But you're quite right.

No more percocet for me.

tamayn said...

Personally I would have been terrified at the desperate need for napkin rings, but that's just me.

I hope you're feeling better soon!

jason said...

thanks, y'all...I'm fine now, except for the tooth that is....and still without napkin rings.

savannah said...

you poor darling! i'm such a light weight when it comes to pain pills - take one and i am done, down for the count, knocked the hell out for hours!! xoxoxoxoxo

MJ said...

I'll lend you my fainting chaise.

David Toms said...

I would have taken another! Perhaps that is just the Judy in me speaking

Kim Hambric said...

Those damn pills are overkill. Save 'em for when you really don't need them. I'm hoping some stunning napkins rings come your way soon.

Anonymous said...

Why you only got 1 wisdom tooth & 1 pill? Kotex sells a nice set of napkin rings, BTW.

lucitebox said...

Hope you're on the mend. Next time, don't bother with napkin rings and chase just HALF a pill with some diet coke!

govtdrone said...

Um, if you don't want those I will be more than happy to take them off your hands :)

Anonymous said...

percocets require champagne. and a sofa, and a friend to talk to all night long.

ricola said...

My lord, Jason. I don't check in for a few days and all this happens.

Glad you're feeling better though.